Thursday, May 20, 2010

Robbie Thomas' 100% Inaccuracy

Robbie was recently in Sioux City, Iowa to visit his girlfriend "perform", on stage, a cold case reading for the Jodi Huisentruit case.  In Robbie's advertisements for the "show", he claimed:
"Robbie doing a live cold case reading on the untimely disappearance of News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit from Mason [City,] Iowa. On scene Death Investigator Gary L. Peterson will be in attendance on stage. You will witness never before seen real time investigative work with a Psychic Detective LIVE as information will be passed along to assist in this case."

Robbie's prediction that Gary Peterson would be on stage: FAILED

As you'll see in the documents that I link to, Gary Peterson called in and did not appear on stage.

Okay, so that's a bit weak for a failure, you say?

How about this - Robbie Thomas interviewed/was interviewed by Gary Peterson 2 years ago.  The case still remains unsolved.  This, alone, should leave people wondering what good psychic powers are if they can't solve a case in two years.  But, and I digress, people can't be reasoned out of a belief that they weren't reasoned into - so belief in psychics continues.

It is often claimed that Robbie Thomas has solved 0 cases in 18 years and, though that is almost certainly the case, the fact remains that there is not a single case in recorded history that has been solved using what people claim to be psychic powers.  Robbie Thomas is not alone in his complete and clear level of failure.

As I mentioned at the start of this entry, Robbie was recently in Sioux City to do another "reading" for the Jodi Huisentruit case but, before I go on, let me say this: we do not fault families and friends from grasping at straws.  At times when there appears to be no hope - any hope, even false hope, that is offered is hard not to accept.  Robbie Thomas' offers to assist would be honourable and just if he simply were telling the truth - he isn't. 

On the site, are three recent articles that speak about Robbie's (at the time) upcoming reading and then the subsequent statements about the reading from both Gary Peterson and Robbie Thomas.  Robbie's (limited) writing skills in his statement, oddly, match the writings of "defenders" of Robbie on sites such as Topix and his recent coverage for his Ft. Wayne show.  As the site is likely to be updated with "Psychic Solves Cold Case", here are the direct links to the articles. (I'm ready for someone to quote-mine that one.)

Huisentruit to be Topic of Upcoming Psychic Reading Event
Gary's Update from Robbie Thomas Event
Robbie Thomas Summarizes Event 

On the first link there is an audio file from the 2008 reading/interview that Robbie Thomas and Gary Peterson had. 

Without going into the specifics (of which it wasn't very specific) of what Gary and Robbie claim Robbie provided for information, let me make it clear that Robbie is clearly abusing the English language when he refers to "facts".  At this point in time, much of what he claims is either knowledge obtained earlier, clear speculation or completely made up stuff.  If there is one "fact", it is that Robbie is not afraid to make up stuff (his crew claimed that people were handing out envelopes anthrax at his first event).

Everything that was provided that turns out to be true will have to be countered by everything else that turns out to be false.  Any suggestion that Gary gives about Robbie knowing things that nobody else knew is a clear indication of his willingness and desire to believe that Robbie has some psychic abilities.  The reality is that if Gary knew it, he either was the criminal and the only person who could know it or Robbie could have learned the information the same way (or another way) that Gary, himself, learned it.

Even if Robbie happened to guess correctly about something (so insignificant) like this, it was information that was already known.  What a real psychic should have been able to do is to name the murderer, produce the body and give the location of the criminal(s) involved.  Otherwise, what good are these so-called psychic abilities?

Vague, non-specific information is absolutely useless in the resolution of a crime.  Though it might give hope (false hope at best) it is a waste of police resources and can divert attention from the "real" evidence.  Robbie Thomas' actions are the complete opposite of helpful.

As we have recently received a number of emails from people claiming "how do you explina the Tori Stafford case?" (their spelling), "robbie solved the stafford case" and a few others with similar claims, let me restate it firmly here.

Robbie Thomas was NOT involved in solving the Tori Stafford case.  Robbie Thomas is a liar if he claims anything different.  The only thing that Robbie could retro-fit to the crime was that he "saw" wagon wheels.  Seriously. That's it.  "Wagon wheels?" you ask, yes, wagon wheels.  He, after the fact, claims that the wagon wheels represented Amish "country" - near where her body was found. 

Do you think Robbie would have said "I was wrong, I meant wagon wheels from Amish carriages" if where Tori was found was near a kids play area that had a wagon or if the body was found at another person's home that also had kids?  Nope, you can be sure that he would have said "the wagon wheels represented the presence of other children" or "there was a wagon only about 12,000 feet away".  If you think I'm kidding, consider Sarnia Skeptic's ball kicking of Robbie on the Cezar Cano case. 

You'd also have to ignore the fact that the Ontario Provincial Police have claimed that they do not use psychics and that the facts of the case will show that police work and community involvement solved the crime.  As for the Cezar Cano case - the Louisville Police have stated that "when the case goes to court, I think you'll see that Robbie Thomas is fabricating a story".

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop Robbie Thomas: Mash Up

Since work has me on the road quite often these days, there has been little time to blog.  Just like my last posts, this one is going to be quick with a real "mash up" of topics.
Most emails we're receiving are positive and supportive which is somewhat surprising given that Robbie Thomas supporters seem endless on his Facebook page.  I realize that there is a bit of back-patting going on with many of his supporters because they, too, are woo-woo pushers or members of the "I'm a psychic too" group. 
A blog reader sent us links to pictures from Robbie's show in Indiana where you will see the packed house that it was (not). Reports from attendees agree that, in all, there were 14 people in attendance.
Even more exciting news is that made it to the local paper. I haven't seen the printed copy yet but from all accounts, it not only made the paper but was a substantial part of the front page of the paper (the VERY front page). Robbie Thomas should be proud.  (I don't have the photo editing skills that Sarnia Skeptic has so I'm going to link to his article for now.  I'll also add a link in the links section of this site.)
Our good friend SarniaSkeptic ( received a reference too.  To be fair, the article was spurred by his recent covering of a local group's attempt to 'fundraise' by having a psychic come to Sarnia to ruin people's true memories of their lost loved ones.
Ryan Hulshof, a local skeptic and fervent supporter of this site (and the skeptical community as a whole), was kind enough to speak with a reporter about the supposed rising tide against claimed psychics.  Unfortunately the article wasn't all that well researched as SarniaSkeptic's recent tongue in cheek "I was wrong, I am sorry" article was taken completely (intentionally maybe) out of context.
Congratulations and thank you Ryan and the rest of the skeptics in Sarnia - you are a real inspiration and a great help!
In other news, a local company has come forward to cover the domain costs for the site so the ,, and will be ours for the next 10 years!
And finally, for those who have emailed to offer assistance or to become a part of our "group", Thank You!  I will get back to each of you personally when time allows. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Robbie! Here's some free publicity!

Our great friend, Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) needs some help with publicity so we're going to give it to him.

If you care to believe John Ramses (Robbie Thomas' ex-manager), Robbie Thomas is likely to be visiting his girlfriend (to his wife's dismay) in Sioux City, Iowa this week.  It is advertised on Robbie's site that he will be doing a reading for the Jodi Huisentruit case.

However, it is interesting that the show following that one is ever changing.  It was supposed to be in Louisville, Kentucky originally and then was moved locations and it has subsequently moved again.  Robbie Thomas, though, does not list the location of this next show.  (I am sure it was simply a mistake on his part.)

When I checked with them (before buying tickets), they told me that it was at:
Van Lear Volunteer Fire Department

Which is either at:
326 Millers Creek Road

Van Lear, KY 41265, United States
(606) 788-0177
101 Euclid Avenue
Paintsville, KY 41240-1112, United States
(606) 789-5200

(and this site seems to confirm it)

The show is on May 21, 2010.  I'm not suggesting that everyone should contact the Volunteer Fire Department to let them know that, to stand with the police and victimized families who DO NOT SUPPORT Robbie Thomas, the Fire Department might want to reconsider letting a known lying scumbag use their facilities.  Someone should contact them, though.

To those that are planning on attending Robbie's shows with the goal of disrupting the performance, we ask that you do not.  Please take the "high road" - Robbie Thomas is the lowlife slimeball and we don't want to stoop to his level.

Recordings of Robbie's shows and readings are much more valuable than disrupting a performance (hey, they have all had less than 30 people!).  If you have recordings of Robbie (his readings, his shows, etc.) we would be interested in getting a copy of it or reviewing it.  Please contact us at if you have anything that might help us in our quest to Stop Robbie Thomas.

Friday, May 7, 2010

In the news: Robbie Thomas proves himself not psychic

With the recent news coverage that Robbie received, a number of people had emailed the account.  Thank you!  One of the other contributors asked if I'd be able to comment on it.  As some are aware, I have little to say about Robbie but I'll try my best to cover the recent news.

Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic and he proves it!) was recently featured on a local national news affiliate in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as on their website in a news article.  (

The comments on the news article appear to be the "what's the harm?", "Robbie is a fraud" and the others are likely Robbie masquerading as someone else claiming that the "haters" are losers.  Typical Robbie fare - typically stupid stuff from a rather inane character.  I think it is important to address (again and again) the "what's the harm?" question and I'll do that before I get into the "Robbie proves that he's not psychic" part. 

I really sympathize with anyone who has lost a loved one at the hands of another person - I can only imagine the horror that a family endures to know that their family member was kidnapped or murdered and that the crime remains unsolved.  I believe, too, that I'd accept whatever 'help' was offered in a time of need.  Many would see it as a "nothing ventured, nothing gained" type scenario or take an "if a psychic can solve it, great, if not, we're no further behind" position.

That, however, isn't all that happens.  Psychics (which almost certainly do not exist so when I mention "psychic" in reference to a person, I mean "claimed psychic" or "pseudo-psychic") waste valuable police resources, provide false hope to a family and distort and desecrate the memories that families have of their loved ones.  Not only that, but (as in Robbie's case in particular) psychics have falsely accused others of horrendous crimes that they never committed.  I suggest to anyone who welcomes a psychic to solve their crime that the false accusation against someone else is harmful.  I've been through this before - I encourage you to take a look at some of the links on the link pages on this site.

Now, on to the great stuff - anyone who accepts this recent news as a positive for Robbie Thomas can only do so if they choose to forget all of his previous news.  ALL of the press that Robbie gets as it relates to his assisting in the resolution of unsolved cases is in advance of the case being solved - there has never been an instance where the paper/tv has published an article on him (especially not days later!) to announce his success.  That has never happened - and it will never happen as a result of any claimed psychic abilities. 

Robbie Thomas Failure Example #78
Five or so years ago, Robbie Poulton of 'Robbie Thomas Offices' (as referenced here) (we've been asked to clarify the Robbie Thomas we're speaking about because others have emailed us concerned that they are being falsely accused of scumbaggery), met with a local (to Sarnia) family to "assist" them in the resolution of an unsolved crime (murder) that was committed against their sister.  The newspaper covered it, and Robbie proudly touted that coverage as "proof of his abilities" (if it is "proof" of anything, it is "proof" that he claims something and not that he has achieved anything) - today, more than 5 years later, that case remains unsolved.  Robbie told the family that the crime would be solved in 6 months.

Robbie Thomas Failure Example #826
Robbie met with the family (family members have told me that he went to the house and left his business card on the door step!) of another person who, at the time, was missing - in this case the young girl was kidnapped (footage showed her being escorted away from school by an unidentified person).  During that meeting, he told a family member that the girl was still alive and would be returned home.  He bragged about his involvement in the case, went on a radio show to talk about it and to tell the radio host what he told the family (that she was still alive).  Today, he has the nerve to suggest that he helped in resolving the case - the girl, who was murdered a week (or more) before Robbie claimed she was still alive, obviously did not return home alive - she wasn't even alive when he was telling the family that she was.  The Ontario Provincial Police (the agency that ultimately solved the case) has firmly stated that they do not use psychics and that Robbie Thomas was not involved in solving the case.  Where's the headline Robbie?

Sadly, two more families (in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area alone) are about to have their hopes raised (and then dashed) by the very scumbag that this site is named after.  (Robbie, brag about this coverage!) 

You read this whole article?  Great! Watch Good Morning America on Saturday, May 8.  I predict it might be worth doing so!

Update: May 8, 2010 (Stop Robbie Thomas)
Sources tell us that Robbie's Fort Wayne, Indiana show had 14 people in attendance.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SarniaSkeptic Delivers Robbie Thomas Rundown

In his own quirky but funny way, SarniaSkeptic gives the Robbie Thomas rundown - compact, quick and witty.  It's just sad that the story really isn't that funny - Robbie is doing real harm.  In SarniaSkeptic's own words...
Continue reading...
I became involved with Robbie Thomas about a year ago when I had written a blog about the Tori Stafford case. When the police had informed the public that arrests were made, I wrote a blog entry stating the obvious - that a psychic (namely Robbie Thomas) would be standing with the police at the press conference to be recognized for solving the crime. Sadly, Robbie must have been too busy solving other crimes that he couldn't make the press conference. What made me mad, however, was that the police didn't even mention him. Not in passing and not even a reference to a psychic being involved. Obviously the police are covering something up.

(SarniaSkeptic remains a blog contributor on this site but has opted to take a more pointed approach on some aspects of Robbie Thomas as Robbie has recently claimed to be suing him. We stand with you SarniaSkeptic.)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Where's Robbie Thomas? New Tour Dates Announced

As found on, Robbie Thomas has announced more tour dates.  (You should note, however, that certain dates/locations are changing.  The Louisville, Kentucky location is no longer in Louisville, Kentucky.)

Ft. Wayne, Indiana - Friday May 7th, 2010 from 8 pm - 10 pm

Robbie will be doing a live cold case reading on the untimely death of Joesette Purcell with her family in attendance on stage. You will witness never before seen real time investigative work with a Psychic Detective LIVE as information will be passed along to assist in this case... Read more...

Sioux City, Iowa - Friday May 14th, from 8 pm - 10 pm

Robbie will be doing a live cold case reading on the untimely disappearance of News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit from Mason Iowa. On scene Death Investigator Gary L. Peterson will be in attendance on stage... Read more...

Louisville, Kentucky - Friday May 21st, 2010 from 8 pm - 10 pm

Don't Miss Robbie Thomas and Psychic Justice Tour! Live Cold Case Reading Of April Pennington. Robbie will be doing a live cold case reading on the untimely death of April Penningtom from Paintsville Kentucky. April's Mother will be in attendance on stage with members from April's family along with authorities involved in this case... Read more...

Columbus, Ohio - Friday June 19th, 2010 from 8 pm-10 pm

Ohio Man dies in arson on South Side - Helena Brumfield calls 911 after looking out her back window to see the house behind hers is on fire. Not even knowing that her own son, Robert Brumfield, 28 was inside burning to death. There was no known reason for the husband and a father of two, Robert Brumfield to be in the house. The fire was ruled an arson and the victim was found in the hallway face down with one gunshot in his arm, Brumfield was burned alive. Read more...

St. Charles, Missouri - Friday June 25th, 2010 from 8 pm - 10 pm

Special Guest Appearance By Steven LeChance Steven is a Haunted Survivor, Author, Speaker, Talk Show Radio Host, and Executive Producer.

Steven founded Missouri Paranormal Research and co-founded the Paranormal Task Force after living through an extreme haunting himself along with his family and friends. Steven developed the idea of The Humanistic Approach to investigation in order to help others. Read more...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Carrie "Northern Valkyrie" - From Friend to Foe

Carrie recently posted a blog on "keen" that might interest some of the followers of this "movement". 

Carrie's background is covered in her blog.  Here it is in her own words:

An apology for contributing to pain ...
I was advised not to say anything to avoid a legal nightmare and a half... but to be quite honest .. I've lost a lot of sleep over my actions and supporting the actions of another, but in all fairness I was lied to as well. I had to remove a lot of names here so that authorities over this site don't remove this blog, but here it goes....

Back in October my team decided that we wanted to do a charity event for the Make a Wish Foundation. We needed guest speakers and things to plug into the itinerary. I contacted a celebrity in the paranormal field to ask him his advice and if he knew anyone on this side of the Great Lakes near the GTA that would be willing to come out to our event and be a speaker for free or at a reasonable rate because the vendor space rental, possibly some ticket sales, and the beer sales were there to cover the rental fee of the venue if need be (at the blessing of Make a Wish) and if we didn't have a sell out, then we'd have to go out of pocket. He recommended an individual I never heard of and upon asking around ... Other people known in the paranormal field referred me to the same name {A certain psychic criminal profiler}. I contacted a couple of my friends in the field who have been in Canada longer than I have and all of them sang his praises and really ... I was under the impression that he was a good person with a few haters in the background. Knowing what I know about the paranormal research field .. it seemed that sort of thing was normal and it was just skeptics that were bad mouthing him. I didn't know about other people until this person's tour was announced.... continue reading